Monday, April 18, 2016

Garden Update 4/17/16

 4/17/16 - Garden before any clean-up...yes it's a mess!
  4/17/16 - Row 1
  4/17/16 - Row 2
  4/17/16 - Row 3
  4/17/16 - Row 4 - The back half is the Strawberry section, they will rejuvenate after some good rain.
  4/17/16 - I dug up all beds. 
  4/17/16 - Added Organic Fertilizer (Worm Castings) 
  4/17/16 -  Added Azomite (Rock Dust) to add nutrients back into the soil
  4/17/16 - Smoothed out all beds
  4/17/16 - Row 1 - Then covered each bed with weed fabric that I mapped out this year's crops
  4/17/16 - Row 2
  4/17/16 - Row 3
  4/17/16 - Row 4 - This one isn't covered yet.  The back still looks like a mess. I sprinkled a little bit of rock dust on it that will mix in when it rains and the strawberries will start to grow. I have yet to fix the fence too.
4/17/16 - First phase done! Next I will cover the walking paths between the beds, this time not with wood chips! Last year when it rained they flooded and spread out inside all the veggie beds, a big mess! This is because I first laid the old weed fabric, then cardboard then woodchips, which made a wonderful weed barrior, but heavy rains didn't seep through fast enough and flooded the space washing away all the wood chips. This year I will only place fresh weed fabric over the current wood chips, after weeding the space.