Sunday, January 8, 2017

Find Your Perfect Dog Breed

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After taking the fun little quiz to find out the perfectly-matched dog for me, I wasn't surprised to get the Shi-Tzu. Seven months ago I adopted the most amazing little Mi-Ki dog, a rare toy breed sized dog that fit my lifestyle and living arangements perfectly. It's a newer breed that actually has a lot of Shi-Tzu in it, 25% for my little girl.

If you can't find the perfect dog for you, and compatible with your lifestyle and accommodations, at a shelter, which I will always recommend first, I highly recommend taking the little quiz to discover a breed that will suit you best and a great place to find that pup to take home is on where you can then be directed to a reputable breeder ( No Puppy Mill Promise ) to find the puppy waiting to join your family. Like walking through a shelter you will want to take them all home, but take some time to discover the pup meant for you. They all deserve to be loved!