Saturday, September 12, 2020

My Fitness Journey

I've really enjoyed Chloe Ting's workouts. Check her out if you're looking for a friendly, well planned out workout for beginner or advanced workouts. She has so many free workout Programs to meet your needs. She talks you through the moves and has a bell to let you know what's coming up next to keep you moving.

As mentioned before, I started my fitness portion of my journey a couple weeks after cleaning up my diet. Below is a summary so far.

7/17/20: Started2 Weeks Shred Challenge 2019: 14 days

7/31/20: Completed 2 Weeks Shred Challenge 2019: 14 days

7/31/20: Started 25,000+ steps a day Challenge (8 days) Completed. Continue to walk every day, but rest when needed. Shoot for 1-4 hours total. Stay in fat burning zone, keep heart rate between 90-120. Don't exceed to Cardio and avoid burnout or injury while walking in a fasting state.

8/8/20: Started21 Day Get Fit Challenge 2020

9/2/20: Started #28 DAY Fat Loss Challenge / Upper Body At Home Workout, No Equipment- Halie Harasyn The Know To Grow

9/5/20: Started30 Day Chloe Ting’s Lean Thigh Challenge 2019

This is my current workout program, and so far it's going great:) There are so many amazing fitness instructors sharing free at-home workout programs, and as much as I'd like to try so many of them I'm sticking with Chloe's challenges first, and thoroughly enjoying them.  


My starting weight on 7/6/2020 was 130 lbs

My current weight as of 9/9/2020 is 115.2 lbs

That's a total loss of about 15 lbs in two weeks, so roughly 2 lbs a week. 

 *Note I chose to take the accelerated path to weight loss because that's just part of my personality, to go all in, but consider taking a slower pace if that's what feels best for you!

Some of the key tips I can give on a health and wellness journey is Listen to your body! Some days were designated as rest days on my workout challenges but I felt so energized that I still was very active. Other days had intense workouts for the day but I felt exhausted and let myself totally rest and recoup. I always had twice as much energy the next day when I did this and could tell that listening to my body first and foremost was most beneficial to me. 

Another tip is Love the foods you eat. At first it may be a drastic change from what you're already eating if you choose to switch to a whole foods, low salt and sugar, vegan diet. However your taste buds and microbiom change drastically and you start to crave the healthier foods in no time! 

Do something every single day that makes you happy! I listen to upbeat music and inspirational audiobooks while I take my walks out door. I quiet my mind and meditate while in the sauna, and I spent plenty of time snuggling my adorable puppy! I appreciate nature while walking outside and stay present in the moment that fills my mind with wonder like I'm experiencing grasshoppers hop by for the very first time. Taking care of your mind is as important if not more important that taking care of your physical body.