Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Transdermal Salt & Magnesium Soak

Why and How To Do A Transdermal Salt and Magnesium Soak 

Posted by Victoria May Khaze 

Why do a Salt Soak?
It’s been long called the body’s largest organ: the skin. Skin has the amazing ability to absorb and deliver nutrients to the body while filtering toxins.  Often the skin shows signs like rashes, dry/oily skin, acne and other problems as the tell sign of other deeper problems.  Your skin is both the window to understanding and the door to repairing your body’s health.

If you’ve ever been to a coastal region or any metropolitan city, you’re likely to have seen spas offering a variety of treatments to clean and benefit the body and skin.  Magnesium and Salt Soak or Bath is one that definitely shouldn’t be allowed to pass under the radar.

Salt and sea salt have long been used medicinally for their easy absorption into the body and high mineral content. It was Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, who firths noticed injured fishermen soaking in sea water.

Hippocrates noticed that they seemed to have fewer infections after the soaks. It was then that he created the first sea salt soak called thalassotherapy (in Greek, thalassa means sea) by encouraging his patients to bathe in warmed seawater.

Why add magnesium?

Since then we’ve learned more about the nutrients and minerals our bodies need. Many suffer from a variety of mineral deficiencies.  The USA population has been studied and found to have severe Magnesium deficiency in over 57% of the population. (Read more about ionic magnesium.)

Magnesium is important for bone health, muscle strength, vitamin assimilation, and is helpful in other functions like aiding weight loss, sleep and balanced blood pressure. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to absorb orally if you have a damaged stomach lining or intestines, a weak stomach, or a delicate pallet. That’s why many suggest adding magnesium to your salt soak.

What are the benefits of a Magnesium and Salt Soak?

  •          Stress & headache relief
  •          Muscle ache & joint pain relief
  •          Increasing insulin sensitivity
  •          Improving circulation
  •          Better nutrient absorption
  •          Can speeding up healing of wounds or broken bones
  •          For acne, eczema or other skin problems
  •          Improving skin hydration

How to make your own Magnesium and Salt Soak:

Amounts vary depending on your preference/tub size.

Prep time: 5-10 minutes
1-2 cup of Halite Salt Soak Crystals
1/2 cup Himalayan Sea Salt (Fine ground dissolves better but coarse ground can be used to message your feet in the bath)
5 Tbsp Pure Magnesium Oil
10-15 drops of essential oil of choice

Add the ingredients above to warm bath water as the bath is filling. The moving warm water will mix and dissolve the salts while the steam lifts the scent of your favorite oils into the air causing you to relax as you take in the aroma.

Let yourself relax and flow with the natural movement of the water while you soak for 20 to 40 minutes. Once you’re done soaking, use a towel to sit and softly pat yourself dry. While the water drains, the steam will slowly dissipate. Follow up with cool (not cold) lotion or oil to help lock in the moisture and minerals while closing your pores.

You’re now calm, clean and refreshed!