Monday, August 11, 2014

Garden update & harvest 8/9/14

 8/9/14 - Today's harvest...Black Beauty zucchini, 2 Marketmore cucumber, 5 large tomatoes, lettuce and several chocolate cherry tomatoes and Yellow Pear tomatoes
  8/9/14 - Black Beauty zucchini
  8/9/14 - A little garden grew a head! with a hat intact;)
  8/9/14 - Don't have the heart to eat him!
   8/9/14 - I finally cleared out my lettuce towers
  8/9/14 - I also pulled out the camomile, but laid it over the bed to keep weeds at bay
   8/9/14 -  Tomato plants aren't as foliage rich this year, but still producing!
   8/9/14 - However the two chocolate cherry tomato plants are bursting at their seems! 
 8/9/14 -My buddy in the garden...right when I found him...and gave him a face:p