Thursday, August 14, 2014

Get toxic chemicals out of our couches!

Get toxic chemicals out of our couches! Sign the petition: Demand a national furniture flammability standard TODAY
Scientists from EWG and Duke University just released a groundbreaking study that found a biomarker of the cancer-causing fire retardant TDCIPP in the bodies of all 22 mothers and 26 children tested.

Compared to their mothers, the children exhibited on average nearly five times the level of this biomarker. In the most extreme case, a child had 23 times the level measured in the mother.

The frightening reality is that many of us are unknowingly exposing ourselves and our families to toxic chemicals in everyday home goods. TDCIPP and/or other hazardous fire retardants are commonly found in furniture, nap mats, changing table pads, nursing pillows and other consumer products. While we are starting to see a shift in the market because of state-level regulations, that progress would be halted if poorly designed new national standards were announced. We need to tell the Consumer Product Safety Commission to protect our health and our families’ health right now.

In the EWG-Duke study, biomarkers of three chemical components of a fire retardant mixture called Firemaster® 550 were detected in the urine of most children tested. The long-term effects on human exposure to this mixture are unknown, but animal testing has shown it can disrupt hormones and systems critical to growth, metabolism and sexual development.

Because of flawed state and federal regulations that have allowed toxic chemicals to enter the market and our homes, fire retardants are nearly impossible to avoid completely. That’s why EWG is working hard to create a future in which American families are not exposed daily to these potentially harmful chemicals. But we need you to stand up for your health and your family’s health by signing our petition right now.

Thank you for standing with EWG on this critical issue.

Ken Cook
President, Environmental Working Group