Friday, July 29, 2016

Garden Update & Harvest 7/21/16

7/11/16 - Today's Harvest. Since my adorable puppy, Binky, arrived to me on 7/716, I haven't had any time to go to the garden to do much more than just grab some produce!
7/21/16 - Another quick run to the garden with Binky snuggled in her carrier by my belly to harvest some produce! Garden is plentiful!
7/21/16 -Looks like the cucumbers are just about ready to be cleared out
7/21/16 -Lots of amazing kale to harvest
7/21/16 - So much lettuce too! More than I can pick, so I may let most of it just die off to clear out.
7/21/16 -What a jungle
7/21/16 -Tomatoes are coming in!
7/21/16 - Harvested three massive cucumbers! Good thing so much family is around at this time to use up all the harvests...grilled zucchini tonight!
7/21/16 - The last harvest - 15 cucumber, Swiss Chard, Curly Kale, Red Russian kale and lettuce
7/21/16 - I'm so glad I have a favorte cucumber salad to use these with!
7/21/16 - my favorte cucumber salad - I seeded the cucumbers because many were over grown and it helped take out some of the moisture for my cucumber salad. I could eat this daily!
7/21/16 - Also used up the Curly kale the same day to make my favorite massaged kale salad with avocado and veggies.
7/21/16 - My niece   showing off her strength with the massive zucchini we grilled that night.
7/21/16 - Fried up some spiced up and breaded zucchini and it was amazing!