Monday, July 11, 2016

Binky Boo - Introduction

Introducing Miss Binky-Boo-Shay!  
This is my little darling not long after her birthday. She was born all black with a white stripe on her chest on April 12th 2016.
How can anyone resist this tiny ball of joy! 

 She's a beautiful and sweet Mi-Ki breed dog. Pronounced "Me-Key". 
Mi-Kis share a common ancestry with the Maltese, Papillion and Japanese Chin, but are a purebred breed of their own. The rare toy breed Mi-Ki is a loyal, intelligent, and affectionate little dog with an incredible personality. They make wonderful companions for both children and adults. They continue to be excellent Therapy dogs, something I hope for Binky's future. 

Mondays & Thursdays are now Binky's Blog days. As I will share her routines, training progress, item reviews, etc. Join me in watching her grow!