Thursday, July 14, 2016

Binky Boo - Food & Treats

One of the most important things a new puppy needs is a wholesome appropriate food for the breed. Since Binky is a very tiny dog, who is charted to get no bigger than 5 lbs, she is on a small breed diet. I have her on

NutriSource Small & Medium Breed Puppy Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food, 35-lb bag


  • Probiotics & Prebiotics
  • Balanced Omega 3 & 6 with DHA
  • With added vitamins & minerals
  • Highly digestible for maximum nutrient absorption
  • Made no wheat, no corn, no soy
  • Made in the USA!

The 35 lb bag was $47.99 on and will go a long way! They are an incredible online pet store, with the best prices I could find for everything I needed! I have Binky on a strict diet of only healthy, nutritious foods that don't contain any wheat, Gluten, Corn or Soy.  It's also important to take note of what human foods are poisonous to dogs, especially when dealing with such a small little body.  

When she's an adult dog, she will then graduate to

($46.99 on Chewy) 

Although her main source of food will be the dry kibble, I also got some wet food to mix in. Here are the ones I bought an will buy for her when age-appropriate, and over time will find out Binky's favorites. 


Along with a good main food source, it's also important to have a good vitamin to keep puppy healthy.  The vet recommended
nuvet plus canine dog wafersNuVet PlusK-9 Wafers (Came up to $53.15 on autoship for 90 wafers, that would total 180 days for my little Binky)
  • Helps Strengthen Immune System
  • Natural, Human Grade Ingredients
  • Formulated to combat free radicals

Then along with her vitamin, another great addition to puppy's food regimen is
Tomlyn High CalorieNutritional Gel (Nutri-Cal®) Puppies, 4.25 oz
($6.48 on Amazon)
  • Supports a healthy appetite
  • Concentrated source of vitamins and minerals
  • Ideal for sick or choosey eaters
  • Irresistible taste
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

VetriScience Laboratories Mega Probiotic for Dogs and Cats, 120 Capsules  VetriScienceLaboratories Mega Probiotic for Dogs and Cats, 120 Capsules ($22.65 on Amazon) (Break in half and it will be an 8-month supply for Binky).  
Having reviewed many good probiotics for dogs, this one stood out to me with this review on the list of top contenders.
"This product is our number one recommendation for dogs requiring a daily probiotic as a part of their overall health regimen. Very cost effective, it averages $20.00 for 60 chews making it the best value. Small dogs can benefit from one chew a day while larger dogs, 45+ pounds will require 2 chews per day. The Vetri-Science Probiotic chews alleviate gas, loose stools, bad breath, dark tear staining as well as yeast infections seen in the ears and skin. In fact, alleviating extreme gas symptoms is this products greatest achievement, and owners are duly gratified. Given the many conditions this probiotic has helped with, we give it an “A+” for all round efficacy and value."

Now that the essential food and vitamins are covered, we can't forget treats! I went through through the same protocol while searching for treats, making sure there was no wheat, gluten, corn or soy in them. They had to be of high quality, without fillers and unhealthy preservatives, or red dye, and as natural as possible. Here are a list of several I will give Binky, and let her decide her favorites. I bought them all on Please click the links to read more about each of them.  They include some bones and dental chews. 

$3.49 Bone-A-Mints All natural, Wheat-Free Breath Freshening Bone, 5.60-Ounce, Mini, 16-Pack
 One more item I wanted to add is the essential water! I will never give Binky tap water if at all possible. I filter my drinking water with the Zero Filter and so will her water.  An added reason I learned for being stingy with the water you feed your dog is that all the minerals and TDS in tap water contributes to doggy pee burning grass! Not that it would be an issue for me because she will be a house dog trained on reusable potty pads. But interesting to learn.  I then bought this to add to her water for fresh breath,

And to share her food storage containers,  Amazon offered great deals on a cute inexpensive dog food container that actually fit most of her food!

IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit, Pink/White
$18.92 IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit, Pink/White

And lets not forget her adorable food and water bowls.
Loving Pets Bella Bowls Pet Dish, Heart Design, Small
(At an incredibly low price of $2 on sale at

Loving Pets Bella Bowls Pet Dish, Metallic Grape, Small (At an incredibly low price of $2 on sale at

And a retractable one for travel and walks from Amazon.

$3.56 Arlie Pet Silicone Foldable Bowl - Retractable