Saturday, July 2, 2016

Crochet Pet and Doll items - Toys & Cloths

DIY items to donate to the Humane Society.
BENCHS has the family member you have been looking for. Large and small, long and short haired, dogs and cats are all waiting for you. On any given day BENCHS has around 125 pets looking for a furever home. Could you be their hero? BENCHS
 Crochet Dog bone toy - Bernat blanket yarn white
 Crochet Ball toy for Dog - Bernat blanket yarn white
 Crochet Cat Hammock - Bernat blanket yarn Little Royals
 Crochet Cat Hammock -Bernat blanket yarn Little Royales
 Crochet Cat Toy with Bell - Bernat blanket yarn Just for Girls
 Crochet Doll Winter Hat & Doll Scarf -Bernat blanket yarn Just for Girls
Crochet Doll Winter Hat and Doll Scarf -Bernat blanket yarn Just for Girls

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