Sunday, September 21, 2014

Astral 101: Exploring Without Fear

Lucid Lesson

By Ryan Boyd

Maintaining and stabilizing the lucid dream was the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many possibilities in lucid dreaming, and the one we will be focusing on today is movement through the dream-space.  If you can’t direct yourself throughout the lucid dream, you probably won’t experience the full spectrum of possibilities within it.  In this lesson we will discuss 3 quotes from Lucid Dreaming by Robert Waggoner that discuss how to interact and move through the dream environment:

Lesson #5:  “The dream space largely mirrors your ideas, expectations, and beliefs about it.  By changing your expectations and beliefs, you change the dream space.  Realizing mental space responds best to mental manipulations, you let go of physical manipulations and use the wings of your mind.”

An example of this is when some people in a dream think that they can barely move or cannot fly, they won’t be able to.  Knowing that it is a dream, you can change your expectation of gravity, and therefore allowing yourself to move more freely.  You create the dream physics.

Lesson #6:  “The mind, emotions, and mental action precede the effect.”
As stated in Spirit Science lesson 1, when you do something you have to have thought of it first.  In the dream world, this is more than just true; it’s one of the ‘laws’ so to speak.  You can create anything, and I mean ANYTHING if you think it in the dream.  I wish I had a big bowl of ice cream.  Boom, its right in front of you.  I wish I was on the top of that building.  You’re already there.  Just think about it and it will happen.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you control the dream; just that you control where you are in it and what you experience in it.  But, you will soon find that not everything goes according to plan.  Moving on.

Lesson #7:  “Concentrating on the goal as your sole focus, then intending yourself there, moves your awareness effortlessly”

Enough said, just focus on what you want to do/where you want to be and then intend to do it/be there.  I actually want to add the next quote into this explanation, as it directly ties in with quote 7.  The quote is, “When you focus on your goal, you attract your goal.  When you focus on fears, you attract your fears.  In a mental space, your focus matters because it naturally draws you to the area of focus.”  Relating to the major topic, when you want to overcome a fear in the astral plane, you don’t have to confront it.  You can simply not allow it into your energy field by shifting your focus to something else.  This all applies to astral projection, because these same techniques are used to move and interact there.  It is the thought realm, so it would only make sense.  Now, on to the main bulk of the article.

Although ignoring something unpleasant in Astral can work, some things in Astral cannot be ignored.  A solid way to overcome fear and be safe is to defensively arm yourself.  There are three main techniques widely used among the spiritually aware to become protected, and they are known as Grounding, Shielding, and Filtering.  The Maharic Seal from Kathara teachings is essentially all three of these in one, but I prefer to do them separately and in sequence, because they compliment each other in that way and it can become a more personal technique rather than an all-encompassing one.  If you want to check out Kathara teachings, find the Keylontic Sciences category in the SS forum.  I personally disagree with some of their methods, but the sheer amount of information the teachings discuss is formidable.  To each his own I guess.  Now, let’s begin.


In basic terms, grounding is the connecting and anchoring of your energy to the Earth.  There is a more complex version of it that doesn’t involve the earth but anchors you in a thought form, idea or resolve.
Grounding is done so that our energies do not fluctuate and waver, so that they remain constant and so that we can grow at a steady pace.  When we focus on spiritual things, especially the subject of astral projection, we begin to disconnect from our physical reality.  Through grounding we allow ourselves to reconnect and become rooted in the earth’s nourishing embrace.  A grounding meditation will assist us with this, so I’ll give an example of one now.  I’m not claiming this meditation is the best one out there; it is just one I tend to use.  I suggest everyone find their own way to connect to the earth.

Begin by sitting comfortably, preferably on a chair so your feet can touch the ground.  The location can be anywhere, just as long as you feel connected to nature.  Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply, in through your nose, out through your mouth.  Feel where the air touches you and where you touch the air.  Do this for however long you feel is necessary.  Feel where your clothes touch you and where you touch your clothes (Likewise with this step). Finally, feel where you touch the ground and where the ground touches you.  At this point, you feel at one with your surroundings.  Suddenly, you start to feel very heavy.  You feel yourself sinking into the ground slowly.  Continue to breathe deeply, in through your nose, out through your mouth.  With every inhale, draw in energy from the earth, allowing it to fill your entire body.  Visualize yourself as a tree, and your feet extending as roots into the center of the earth.  Allow yourself at this moment to appreciate everything the earth has provided for you.  This connection will stay solid as long as you believe it will.  Bring yourself back into your regular consciousness and know that there is nothing to fear, as you have a direct relationship with the earth and nothing can break that bond.
This meditation has many variations, but the general idea is to establish a connection to the earth or anything that can resemble your foundation.  This can be your purpose, your reason for existing, your reason for fighting, or your personal dreams and goals.  Connecting and becoming acquainted with a foundation will bring you closer to it as well as create a harmonic balance between you both.  You’ll find that your negative energy will be recycled by positive energy through the earth, and this in turn takes away fear.

Shielding is probably the most important technique one can learn as an astral explorer. Shielding is essentially protecting yourself from unwanted energies by projecting, programming, and solidifying a spiritual barrier around you. This is not as hard as it seems, but it does require a lot of practice. We’ll begin with the projecting.

Projecting is when you bring something that is inside into the external. Shields will project the most strongly with emotions. Any emotion that has a form of expression to it can work, but positive emotions are the strongest. If you use an emotion like anger, the shield will literally be the embodiment of anger, and be very unstable. We want our shields to be constant and strong. Let’s begin with the least prevalent but the strongest of all emotions, love. Begin by visualizing your soul within your body as a ball of light. You can see your whole personality, your aura, everything you are within this ball of light. Now, focus on the one emotion you pick, in this instance love, gathering and taking over the ball of light. Nothing but that emotion (love) is present in your soul. Restrict the love in your soul into a smaller, more confined ball of light. Squeeze it as small as you can, concentrating its raw power. And then finally, release and push it out of your body. This isn’t just a mental exercise, as you should physically feel the energy leaving your body. The feeling is similar to that shiver you get down your spine when something excites you internally, except projected outwards. This release of energy can also be called a pulse, and can be used for other purposes, but we won’t get into that in this issue.

Now, programming this released energy around you is the fun part. With this step, the sky is the limit. The energy can take any shape or form if you visualize it. It all has to do with your imagination. Just like in lucid dreaming, your projected energy’s physics are governed by your mind. You can shape the shield in any geometrical form. The 5 platonic solids are usually the main programming templates for shields. If you choose to, use the correct shape correspondent to your elemental affinity. The image presented shows the correspondence. You can also use a sphere if you are a very balanced individual, but spheres do not have any defined attributes and are the basic template for shields, a beginner programming if you will. Next comes programming the attributes of the shield. If you treat the shield as a living extension of you, you can speak to it and intend it to be a certain way. For example, telling it “you will reflect energy” will cause it to do so. Even specifying which type of being to keep out, giving it healing properties, and inflating it’s size can work. The stronger your will, the stronger the programming.

Finally, solidifying the shield is sort of like activating it. This is sort of hard to describe, but once you are done programming it, you sort of tense up your body and mind to make its characteristics concrete and unbreakable. At this point you can specify how long you want the shield to last, in which the length of your tensing signifies it’s “life-span”. You don’t even have to specify and as long as you believe it is there and strong, it will be there and strong.

The shield is a lot stronger when you are grounded, as your energy will not fluctuate and it will be more defined. It’s possible to draw the energy you use to create the shield from your foundation as well. The shield doesn’t need to be around you; it can protect other people or areas, so experiment with it!

Filtering is similar to pulsing but it adds a ‘twist’ so to speak.
After your shield has been created and you feel you contain some negativity, you can use this technique to sift out all of the negative energy. Basically, you project light energy (not emotional energy) outwards through your shield and begin to spin your shield, accelerating until you feel there is no more negative activity in your energy field. This causes the shield to be completely purged of darkness.

You can use these three techniques directly in the astral or just in day to day life. When practised, they will give you a sense of confidence, as you are protected and nothing can harm you. Aside from these things, your higherself will always be there to protect you (along with whatever else watches over you). The astral realm is not something to fear, it is a place of wonder and exploration. Even when confronted, you have the power to overcome anything there. The next article will inform you of the many entities you may become confronted with, negative and positive, as well as how to deal with them. I apologize for the late post, and I hope the new information makes up for it. Remember, you can ask me anything at . Thanks for reading, and until next time, all will be revealed.