Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Juil Gaia - Earthing shoes

Stay in touch with the earth beneath your feet without sacrificing your fashion sense, or your sense of responsibility. 
The Gaia vegan flip-flops make a statement wherever you wear them. 
I love these shoes! They are super comfortable.
My first experience with Earthing shoes were an extremely uncomfy cheaply made rubber flip flops that gave me blisters in under half an hour. 
Thankfully more companies are realizing the importance of staying grounded:) 
You can discover the many different styles at Juil
The copper dots allow your skin to connect with the Earth and keep you grounded without having to be barefoot. We are affected every day by the EMFs that we are surrounded by though electronics, power-lines etc. As in my previous blogs showing videos demonstrating the conductivity effect of going barefoot, these shoes allow you to do so without walking the streets without shoes.