Friday, January 15, 2016

Crochet Scarf 18 - Baby Teal

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 At Jo-Ann fabrics I found this gorgeous colored Bernat Baby blanket yarn called Baby Teal. They seem to have a lot more options of colors at Jo-Ann Fabrics than at Michael's. 
 I was super happy to find this color because it matches my favorite pair of  mittens that I purchased awhile ago. So I had the opportunity to make a matching scarf and headband (tomorrow's post).
Unlike most of my other scarves, I made this one nice and long to wrap around my neck several times. I also made it thicker because I like it being able to stand up over my face to shield the wind without any effort to keep it in place.

Total time - 2hrs and 25 minutes

Measurements 66” x 5.5”

·         8 mm crochet hook or L hook

·         Bernat Blanket Yarn Baby Teal


100 chains, turn

Skip 2 chains, in 3rd chain double crochet, then double crochet in ever chain until the end

At the last chain double crochet then chain up 2 and turn work around

Double crochet in the same stitch as the 2 chains

Double crochet in each chain down the row until the end and repeat until the desired width

When done on each end of the width of the scarf do 11 rows of double crochet stitches (14 stitches) with 2 chains in the corners before turning and working into the very next available stitch

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