Saturday, January 16, 2016

Crochet headband - Baby Teal

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 A very simple pattern. Unlike the first headband I made, I used a double crochet stitch in the back loop for this one to give it some sketchiness around the head.  I also made it slightly narrower in width. .

Total time = 50 minutes

·         8mm crochet hook or L hook

·         Bernat Blanket Yarn Baby Teal Chain 9

Skip 2 chains and half double crochet on the back of the 3rd chain, continue half double crochets until the end…about 8 half double chains per row.

At the end of each row do one chain and turn. Do a half double crochet into each back loop of each chain from there, should still be around 8 half double stitches per row.

Keep doing rows until it’s long enough to fit around your head. Cut about 8 inches after reaching the end and casting off. Use that string to stitch the ends together to make a band.  

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