Sunday, November 29, 2015

Crochet Blanket 6 - Plum Purple, Vintage White & Country Blue

Total time = 22 hours 15 minutes
Measurements 62” x 57” (21 rows of different colors (4 rows per color except the 2nd to first and 2nd to last rows that are 5 rows of the same color) total rows = 86 high & 90 chains across)
(3 Vintage White, 3 purple plum, 3 Country Blue)

Finished Size: 62" wide x 57" (You’ll notice it finishes wider than the foundation chain (55”) because of the weight of the yarn it stretches out).

 hdc = half double crochet stich, ch = chain stitch
1. Make a slip knot.  Tighten around the hook.
2. Chain 90 chains (so 88 triple crochet stitches per row)
3. hdc in 3rd chain from hook and repeat in each chain all the way down, use very little tension at this point, it will help you down the line.
4. Ch 2 and turn.
5. hdc in 2nd stitch over from edge of the blanket and continue in each stitch.  Be sure to get the hdc in that last turning chain stitch.
6. Ch 2 and turn
7.Repeat for 4 rows
8. When you finish a row of color 1 and don’t have enough to complete another row, add your new color when you make your last hdc.  When you have the 3 loops on your hook for that last stitch, add the new color strand on your hook and pull through.  Tighten everything up, chain 2 and turn continuing on like we have been.
9. Continue adding skeins of yarn and change to your 3rd color and crochet until you have the length you want. For this blanket I have 21 rows total, 4 rows of each color for most of the blanket and the first 2 rows and last 2 rows of color have 5 rows or stitching.
10. Weave in all the ends very well.

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