Thursday, September 10, 2015

Garden update & Harvest 9/9/15

9/9/15 - garden update...Basil in abundance
9/9/15 - garden update...Basil in abundance and the leaves got big with all the rain!

9/9/15 - garden update...Overflowing amount of Red Russian kale...I over estimated how much I would use!
9/9/15 - garden update...Dino kale and Chinese Cabbages
9/9/15 - garden update...Curled Scotch kale and Swiss Chard
9/9/15 - garden update...peppers
9/9/15 - garden update...Basil in abundance, and giant green onioons
9/9/15 - garden update...Strawberries
9/9/15 - garden update...Swiss Chard and Dino Kale
9/9/15 - garden update...Red Russian kale
9/9/15 - garden update...Ground Cherry tomatoes
9/9/15 - garden update...Today's harvest
9/9/15 - garden update... Today's harvest...3 large peppers 5 chili peppers, cherry tomatoes, ground cherry tomatoes and big bag of Basil. And the one strawberry that survived the trip home...others in my belly
9/9/15 - Basil Dehydrating
9/9/15 - Basil filled 4 dehydrating trays. Fresh dried basil for Autumn soups
 9/9/15 - Basil...17hrs later
 9/9/15 - Basil filled up a nice small basil jar


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