Sunday, September 6, 2015

Garden harvest 9/6/15

 9/6/15 - Today's harvest - cherry tomatoes, 3 tomatoes, ground cherry tomatoes, 2 little red onions and a beet
9/6/15 - Today's harvest - Dino kale, Curled Scotch kale and Swiss Chard


  1. Do you have to cook Kale for very long or can you just steam it as I have heard it maybe unsafe if not cooked well enough

    1. When I cook my kale I steam it for a very short time:) It's by preference. I like it to still look nice and bright green, and a little chewy. You can keep testing it to find your preference.
      I don't believe it's unsafe if not cooked, I love raw kale! However it may be hard to digest so there are tips in eating it raw, such as massaging it in olive oil and lemon juice, and/or chopping it up finely:)