Thursday, February 19, 2015

Natural Cough Remedy

If you are looking for a natural cough remedy, there are a number of therapeutic-grade essential oils that can help strengthen your body as it seeks to get well. 

I've found different approaches work best for different kinds of coughs. Here are some natural cough remedies using essential oils for the typical varieties of coughs one may face.

Chest Cough
Using essential oils as a natural cough remedy can bring rapid relief for those coughs rising from the chest (as with bronchitis).

One simple approach is to layer Thieves blend, frankincense and then peppermint on the chest and neck.  Other oils that are good to rub on the chest for coughs are R.C., Eucalyptus globulus, tea tree and Raven. 

If the skin becomes sensitive to any of these oils, we just add a bit of a carrier oil called V-6.  A quality olive oil works well, too.

Also, here's a simple cough syrup recipe made with essential oils and honey that we've found effective. . .

Essential Oil Cough Syrup

1 drop lemon oil
1 drop orange oil
1 drop frankincense oil
1 drop peppermint oil
1 teaspoon honey
Add oils to honey on a spoon and swallow.
Source: Essential Oils Desk Reference

Any of these approaches can be repeated as needed.

Post Nasal Drip

Post nasal drip can frequently cause a cough to arise. When it does, applying the right essential oils can help clear the passages contributing to the cough.
There are a couple of ways we have used an essential oil solution to clear the nasal passages.

One is to mix salt water with a drop or two of an essential oil in a nasal spray bottle. My first choice is for the blend R.C. and Tea tree is a common option as well.
I prefer a glass nasal spray bottle, and was able to pick a couple up a few years ago.  Glass spray bottles can be hard to find, but with a little searching you should be able to locate one. 

If you don't want to order a spray bottle, you can get an inexpensive bottle of nasal saline spray and add your essential oils to it.  Since these plastic bottles are hard to clean, they are best discarded after a few days.

A second way we have cleared out the nasal passages to reduce cough symptoms is through the use of a Neti Pot.  We're inclined to lean toward this approach in cases of heavy congestion.

With the Neti Pot we use the same oils as we do with the spray bottle.  My husband has also found Rosemary to be effective when using the Neti-Pot.

Dry Cough

Here's a real simple natural cough remedy when I have a tickle in the throat.  All I do is take a drop of RC and rub it a few times with my finger tips.  Then I hold the finger tips directly on the spot that seems to be the source of the cough.  I'm amazed how well this works.

An enjoyable remedy for a dry cough is to make an essential oil tea.  Here's a recipe from the Essential Oils Desk Reference that many have found helpful...

Dry Cough Tea Recipe

2 drops lemon oil
3 drops Eucalyptus radiata
1 tsp blue agave or maple syrup
4 oz heated distilled water
Source: Essential Oils Desk Reference

As another alternative, I have used Thieves Antiseptic Spray in the mouth to remedy a dry cough.

For all kinds of coughs, using an essential oil diffuser is an excellent idea -- especially when sleeping.

I have never been one to want to use over the counter cough syrups, and I know there are many like me in this regard.  Therapeutic grade essential oils serve as an excellent alternative.