Friday, December 11, 2015

Crochet Hat 2 - Baby Blue & White

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Total time = 2 hours 20 minutes

· 8 mm crochet hook or L hook
· Bernat Blanket Yarn – Baby blue and White


For Bottom Ribbing

Chain 6

Skip one chain then Single stitch into each stich (5 stitches)

Chain one and turn towards the body

Skip one chain then Single stitch into back stitch of each stich (5 stitches) and repeat until long enough to go around the head

Hold together and close the band and slip stitch together.

For top part of hat

Do a single stitch around the band, one on the top of a ridge and the following on the dipping in part of the ridge all around, this one turned out to be 41 stitches total.

Fasten off and start a new color if making a multi-color hat as I am. Single stitched around for 3 rows then change colors. Repeat for next 3 rows of the white color.

On the 7th row, starting the blue color again single crochet one row and on the 2nd row of the blue start to decrease by doing a decrease stitch followed by a single stitch all the way around for the next several rows until it closed in to fit.

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