Saturday, March 21, 2015

Greenhouse 3/16/15

 3/16/15 - Green onions taking off! 13 days after planting the roots.
 3/16/15 - A little stow-away in the green onions! It looks like a germinated Swiss Chard...must have been in the dried up soil I reused.
 3/16/15 -  Touch-Me-Not plants getting their sleepy leaves!
 3/16/15 - sprouted Tabasco Pepper and Chinese 5 color pepper
 3/16/15 - Remaining tomatoes need new cups
 3/16/15 - Tokyo Long White Bunch Onions and
Red Brunswick Onions
 3/16/15 - decided to grow a garlic clove
 3/16/15 -  Giant Fordhook Swiss Chard and colored Swiss Chard seeds planted. Also planted the 3 kale (Red Russian, Curled Scotch kale and Dino kale).