Friday, March 6, 2015

Greenhouse 2/26/15 - paper towel sprouting

I started germinating these seeds on 2/22/15. I've never used the paper towel method, but I heard it works great for fast germination so I thought I'd give it a shot this year with the plants I wanted to sprout earlier:)
I dampened the paper towels, then added a tiny bit of seaweed powder for a boost and so far they did great!
 2/25/15 - germinating seeds - Giant Szegedi sweet peppers
 2/28/15 - germinating seeds - Giant Szegedi sweet peppers
 2/25/15 - germinating seeds - Touch-Me_Not (Sensitive Plant)

 2/26/15 - germinating seeds - Gold Berries Tomato (a new cherry type tomato I'm planting this year)
2/26/15 - germinating seeds -Ground cherry tomatoes
2/28/15 - germinating seeds - Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberries (another new crop in my garden this year...these took a little longer to sprout