Friday, April 5, 2019


Like Kate, I'm also in the transitional phase of trying to create as little waste as possible. It's devastating to realize how much waste we collectively produce every single day.  I constantly encourage everyone to do the best they can to produce as little waste as possible. We can all do much, much better than we currently are!  We don't need to all do it perfectly, ie. Zero waste, but like Kate says, we need millions to do it imperfectly to make a significant impact. 
Some of the changes I have made are stocking up on reusable grocery bags, and produce bags, silicone food saver bags, sustainable items (not made from plastic), glass and metal straws,bars of soap...and many little changes that add up as time goes by!

By making my own almond milk I save a lot of plastic bottle because I drink it pretty much daily in my smoothies, and it's a healthier option without any preservatives to make it at home:)
This is an amazing kit for travel or go anywhere where they offer plastic utencils. Tiny Panda Pink Bamboo, Travel, Portable, Reusable Cutlery Set | Reusable Utensils With Case