Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Garden update 5/27/14

 5/27/14 - View from North East of the garden
  5/27/14 - First row - 2 Pineapple ground cherry tomatoes, Red Russian kale, 1 Red cabbage and one green cabbage (seeds planted today), 10 Swiss Chard, 2 rows of Spinach and 3 rows of lettuce (2 rows left to plant seeds later)
    5/27/14 - Third row - Chamomile, 3 Dino kale, leaf lettuce, Michihili cabbage, 2 Zucchini.  Seeds planted today for Iceburg lettuce, cinnamon basil and sweet Italian basil.
    5/27/14 - Fourth row - White Habanero pepper, Chinese 5 colored hot pepper, Bok Choi, spinach and Curled Scotch kale...spaces waiting for 2 more sweet pepper plants (1 Giant Szegedi sweet pepper and mini red bell Pepper)

 5/27/14 - Bok choi getting big fast! And spinach growing great from seed:)

  5/27/14 - Closeup of spinach

  5/27/14 - Curled Scotch kale doing great:)
 5/27/14 -  Supports up for the Marketmore 76 Cucumber plants 
 5/27/14 - 6 Red Russian kale...2 in the back might not make it...which is perfectly fine...soon it will be hovered over with raspberry bushes
 5/27/14 - 10 Swish Chard plants
 5/27/14 - Two rows of lettuce seeds are sprouting nicely
 5/27/14 - Clove Scented basil...I doubled them up in a few spots
 5/27/14 - The three Dino kale
 5/27/14 - The Dino kale with its neighboring camomile...growing in rich and full!
 5/27/14 - Looks like several of the collard green seeds sprouted...
 5/27/14 - Will only need one collard green plant, as they get humongous! I used a seed donated to our community I'm not sure it's the Giant Collards variety I had grown the last 2 years, but I'm sure they'll still be big:)
5/27/14 - Transplanted lettuces
5/27/14 - My Black Beauty Zucchini plants look fine...but not so much close up!
5/27/14 - My 2nd Black Beauty Zucchini plant
 5/27/14 - My Black Beauty Zucchini plants were burrowed by some bug right at the base of the stems:(
5/27/14 - Not sure if either will like last year I will plant a couple more by seed and see which will last and go from there...last year it happened too, but not quite as hollowed out as I recall, and they did end up pulling through!

 and last but not least favorite part of my garden...

  5/27/14 - I believe it's spiny burr grass...soo painful! and goes right through any gardening glove, cloth shoes, and sticks on absolutely everything! Leaving you with needle thin splinters. So this year I put plastic along the fence where the neighboring gardener doesn't weed them out at the edge, causing them to grow through my fence, it's been an ightmare the paste 2 years so I made sure to do something about it this year! This lil guy is stuck from last year, as I wasn't smart enough to not leave that row cover outdoors all was covered in them, I got most of them off.