About Me

July 2011 (Updated 2019 in italic/bold print)
Hello, and Welcome to my health blog!  I'm so excited to get this going, as ideas on what I would like to share have been streaming through my mind for weeks now. On this site I would like to share my personal journey to living a toxic-free, greener, healthier and happier life...to the best of my ability.  Some things I will share include healthy meals I enjoy and their benefits, beauty and cleansing products I’ve tried or recommend based on research of harmful ingredients to avoid, and lots of information on healthy foods, fitness and wellbeing. I will try to share as much health information with you as I possibly can. This will keep me motivated to live a cleaner life and hopefully inspire you to make some positive lifestyle changes as well:) You are only given one life in your current body, so treasure your health above all your possessions.

Personal blurb about myself…
Since my teenage years I have been quite obsessed with living a healthy life.  It began in my very early teenage years when I gained control over my body and lost quite a bit of excess weight through diet and exercise, and as the years passed on I went from an obsession of losing weight to an obsession of being healthy, with losing weight coming secondary as a healthy side effect to treating my body well. It wasn't always easy because I didn't always have knowledge on my side, but as every day passed that knowledge grew, hence my healthy journey will never end, only evolve.  I have never smoked and try my best to keep away from second-hand smoke, and I do not drink any alcohol, and avoid any medication to the best of my ability.  Chocolate however was a huge part of my life for many years! Update 2019 - After going vegan this year I only include raw cacao powder in my diet and avoid all processed chocolate treats to the best of my ability (as most of them include dairy). 

From 2011-2018 I was eating a Pescatarian diet (Vegetarian that only eats fish, avoiding gluten and dairy as well) and it worked great for me. I didn't feel restricted at all and needed the structure of what I could and couldn't eat on the diet lifestyle. Since I was a young child, controlling my diet was an issue, and as I got older losing weight became an obsession, so my health journey took me down many avenues to find that golden diet lifestyle that would keep me on track to a healthy lifestyle all around, mind, body and spirit. At the time, I could see myself maintaining my new lifestyle long term, although I was realistic about it and knew life could take me down unpredictable roads, so I took things one day at a time with short goals.  Since I lost weight I was never a big red-meat eater, in fact I gave it up for many years at one point…but I always did love my chicken, but I was happy to give it up, and did so easily, eager to explore new protein sources in the name of health for as long as I could.  I pledged to myself to always make the healthiest choices in food and nutrition sources.

After doing many days of research at that time, 2011, I also decided to give up dairy products completely (apart from dark chocolate…the only exception until I could find a good vegan one...which didn't happen, for those 6 years I was addicted to dove dark chocolate and was at peace with it :).  part from that, I had been dairy-free (my new favorite alternative being unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk, which has remained to this day, 2019). 

Basically, anything I can do to live a healthier, more sustainable, conscious and kinder lifestyle, I plan on attempting to do it...so I can stay young, disease-free, live longer with more vitality...and be happier ^_^.  I will only have one body in this lifetime, so I plan to take exceptional care of it. It's a lot more efficient to preserve your body than it is to repair it. I declared this statement in 2011 at the beginning of my health journey, and I did quite well! However, I did go through some struggles in life, and some bad eating habits did creep in, but I was always pulled back to better myself! My biggest flaw in my health journey was my focus on being slim. In hindsight, I realized that at times I wasn't eating enough calories and the scale ruled my life! I was totally unaware that eating 1,200 calories considering my hight and weight was a form of an eating disorder, calorie restricting and it plagued me for years! Up until now...2019, where I am taking a completely new approach to my health.   

Along with all the ingredients I will avoid in foods I eat, I have also recently come to learn about all the crazy unhealthy ingredients you can find in most common beauty product.  Coming upon this knowledge has definitely jolted my lifestyle to take a turn.  I can’t unlearn what I have learned, so I can’t consciously put certain products in or on my body without feeling so wrong about it! Our skin is our largest organ, so what we put on it should not be toxic, because it enters our body.  Having learned what I have, I got rid of the majority of products that I used to use or held on to (that I probably should have thrown away ages ago…I have a bad habit of savoring sentimental, or what I considered exceptional, products...not to mention expensive).  Literally 4 plastic bags full of products gone! I certainly didn't need that many to start off with.  I have now switched them with healthier organic and natural ingredient products and will continue to try and review healthy products to share with you.  I'm actually very lucky and don’t particularly have “sensitive” skin, or any allergies that I know of, but I plan to make choices as though I do, as allergies can accumulate in time. For the many years that followed this post, I switched from using lotions to using raw, cold pressed coconut oil to moisturize my skin, and occasionally olive oil, and I loved it! I still use coconut oil.

One thing I will have a tough time parting with is nail polish...grrr. I have to admit, I still use nail polish...however not as often, as I also started my vegetable garden shortly after this post:) I love doing nail art and have a ton of colors I really don't want to part with, so I will just take precautionary measures not to inhale the fumes while applying them, and maybe over time replace them with safer product that become available. Since it goes on my nails and not directly on my skin I have a less harder time accepting it for now. Excuses, excuses, I know better now and what you put on your nails does absorb into your body, but I still make an exception for this.

Another tidbit about me is that I love to spend time on the internet to learn and research topics that I am curious about, health topics being the number one thing I research. This definitely did not change, it exploded! I spend many, many hours researching, reading, watching videos, documentaries etc. on the topic of healthy, gardening and spirituality, and absolutely love it!  So along with that I have come across several amazing individuals who have YouTube channels or websites who I follow and will often reference in my blogs. The list has only grown in the last 6 years, so many admirable people out there to inspire me, many who I have followed to this day, and many new people.   Among them is a healthy fat loss expert, skin expert, make-up artist, and several doctors who have all blown my mind with insight to alternative health and wellness. I look forward to sharing what I have learned from them with you.  

Along with physical health and wellbeing I believe that a positive outlook on life is extremely important in living a healthy life.  Reducing stress is such a huge part of wellbeing. Did you know 75% of doctor visits are stress related? I'm also convinced that the placebo effect of sugar pills is due to the person's stress level dropping when they "Think" they are taking something to help their condition, and this allows them to allow their own body to heal itself! I truly believe that our thoughts and outlook on life are more important than anything to stay healthy and happy.  I still believe this more than ever. Not to mention the extreme benefits of deep breathing and relaxation. In general, I am a very positive person, and believe wholeheartedly that there is a silver lining to Everything, sometimes you just need to dig deep, or take a life lesson from a bad situation.  There are no mistakes, only lessons and opportunities to grow from.

Acknowledge a bad feeling, feel it for a moment and let it go (learned that in a Buddhist class in college and hung on to it ever since, reminding myself of that in tough times has been a life changer).   I have also been blessed with an amazing family and relatives who I love dearly, and surround myself with positive people as well, which does make life a lot sweeter.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my intro post.  I hope my blog can encourage you to also live a healthier life, and if nothing else to inspire you in one way or the other to have a more positive outlook on life.

I will conclude my update to this post (not the one below) but for a more detailed update on how I now live my life, I have adopted a vegan lifestyle, but will never call myself a vegan for the one reason that I now have a puppy! And I feed her a whole foods, species appropriate diet. Dogs are direct decedents of wolves and as much as I would love all animal products to be out of my life, I just can't wrap my head around forcing my canine companion to adopt my human diet when the healthiest diet for her species differs from mine. We domesticated the dog, so it's our responsibility to feed them, I can't exactly expect my 8 lb dog to hunt for her own food. Maybe one day I'll learn something that will change my mind on this topic, but for now I choose to live a vegan lifestyle, but choose to allow my dog not to, sourcing her food from the best sources I can find (therefore I will not call myself a "vegan" so vegan's don't come after me, I'm doing my best!)

Along with my vegan diet and lifestyle, this included getting rid of any animal products in any personal items I own, with exceptions of not being wasteful, so vowing not to bring a single additional item into my life that is animal based and it must be cruelty free. And with that said, I also choose to live a more sustainable, less wasteful life. I use all reusable items such as shopping bags, glass or natural containers, silicon storage bags and limit all plastics. It's all a gradual process, living in a home with two other adults who do not choose to live the exact lifestyle of my choosing, but the upside is that I AM making an positive impact on them to do so, even if it's a small and gradual impact:)

Thank you for visiting, and Enjoy!

Don't forget to feed the fish;)

warm hugs and blessings, Anita 

"Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will.  ~Jawaharal Nehru"

February 2014
An update 2 1/2 years after my first post above:)  
I'm so grateful to still be here, as inspired as I was the day I wrote the post above. It's been over two and a half years and I've never been healthier and happier than I am now and continue to evolve each day.  Through my journey I went on a fully raw diet for two months very shortly after the post above, and again for about a month in both 2012 and 2013.  Currently I have maintained being a pescatarian, gearing more towards vegetarian/vegan, while avoiding dairy products, gluten and processed products.  I maintain a healthy whole foods diet and love the lifestyle! 

To enhance my healthy living, I started an organic garden in the summer of 2012. A 20' x 20' garden filled with veggies galore, of which I shared blog posts on. I got more out of my garden than just fresh organic heirloom vegetables!  Along with it I got fresh air, sunlight, exercise, community, as I connected with other gardeners. I had the opportunity to share plenty of my produce with others which connected me with other people in a very special way, and the thrill of creating and maintaining the garden gave me somewhat of a motherly experience!  I highly recommend starting a garden, and connecting with nature, there's not much you can compare the experience to:) It has enhanced my love and appreciation for nature and life in general.

A very big part of my journey has been spiritual as well.  I discovered Teal Swan (formally Teal Scott before she got married January 2014).  She has inspired my life like no other, my biggest role model and inspiration to live my life in the best way possible at this time.  After discovering her teachings, I flooded my mind with teachings that instilled confidence, happiness and abundance into my life. I then discovered Higher Brain Living, which also changed my life in a very profound positive way. With 22 sessions I can say that I'm practically a new person...with positive changes only.  I was blessed to have found two amazing facilitators who I consider family after all our time spent together.  I also found Eric Pearl's book The Reconnection, and having read it, I was inspired to have a reconnective healing session, that changed my life as well, and further to have The Reconnection that opened a while new understanding of life and healing for me.  Having physically experienced and felt this new energy healing I was inspired to tune into myself and learn more.  I have never been the same since.  I am so grateful for that.

My spiritual journey has been such a big part of my health journey. I have found that it goes hand in hand.  The more I meditate and open up my mind, the more I want to treat my body better in healthier ways, and the more I do that the more my mind opens!  I now mediate daily and have a whole new appreciating for life.  I now believe with true conviction that I control everything that comes into my life, along with what doesn't.  No one to blame, I have full control and life is now 100 times sweeter!

Another very influential modality of healthy and happier living came into my life after discovering Access Consciousness as well, inspired through Dane Heir, a youthful, fun and inspirational soul that has been a huge influence on my outlook on life as well.  
I think the biggest lesson on my spiritual journey has been that Thoughts and Things.  That my focus and vibrations are what brings things into my life, so above anything else my thoughts control my life, not taking away my power, but affirming that I have ALL the power towards the life I want to live. We always have a choice, and happiness Is a choice we make, as is Love.  Choose Happiness!  Choose Love!
Through my journey I have also learned that those things/people that don't serve us will fade away when we are no longer a vibrational match to them.  As we raise our vibrations, change will occur all around! Knowing this has allowed me to not only release those things that no longer serve me for my greater good but accept it willingly with understanding.  Releasing has been a great lesson for me. Allowing myself to embrace the new, embrace change, and allow myself to receive what it is I want into my life without resistance.  Abrahams teachings have also been one of the biggest influencers in my life and positive change. They have given me back my power and I prove that to myself each and every day!
As far as health routines go, some of the changes that I've maintained have been the water I drink (purified with ZeroFilter), I filter out my shower water (with a De-chlorinator), I use either raw coconut oil or olive oil with capaiba & lemon essential oil to moisturize my skin instead of lotions.  One of my favorite product brands has been Desert Essence natural products.  I use Desert Essence face wash that's made with tea tree oil as a morning and night face wash, Desert Essence tea tree replenishing shampoo, Desert Essence coconut conditioner, and Desert Essence hair defrizzer and heat protector.  I also use derma e soothing skin treatment tea tree and E antiseptic creme as a lotion for my face when I feel I need something extra for my face...another wonderful natural product. As far as natural bar soaps (body wash) for the shower go, I have tried many over the last few years, all 100% natural and I've loved them all!       

Other healthy habits I've picked up include drinking sole salt in the mornings, diatomaceous earth in water frequently, lemon water (with zest), taking Chlorella/Spirulina tablets to help detox heavy metals from my body, and taking several vitamins that include milk thistle, CoQ10, Primrose, Vitex and a vegan women's multi-vitamin. 
So see some of the changes in my regimen that I recorded, you can view it Here.  
As the past two years have been an incredible breaking out of my shell, and learning experience, I look forward to this year, 2014 to apply my changes and grow even more.  I have come so far in these past couple years and now it's time for me to not only discover my purpose further, but to start to live it.   Along with all the health changes I've made, I was also able to get out of debt, of around $25,000 (manifested it right out of my life) and continue to bring positive things into my life, to live a more abundant life.  I've awoken to the possibilities of pursuing my dreams, and along with that I have a whole bucket list to fulfill for this year, and am on my way ^_^ Are you living your purpose?