100+ Things I Love

100+ Things I Love in no particular order...

1.   Having family and friends in my life who truly care about me
2.   Having family and friends in my life who I truly care about
3.   Tight lasting hugs
4.   Silk and Satin sheets
5.    Electric guitar versions of Canon Rock
6.    Conversations with little kids with big imaginations
7.    Fluffy clouds that look like stuff
8.    The sound of ocean waves - and everything about the Ocean
9.    Starting, Working on and Finishing an Art Project
10. Being barefooted on soft white sandy beaches
11. Dark chocolate - dove dark...and reading the messages on the wrappers
12. Soft furry blankets (not fur from real animals of course)
13. Dolphins and orcas
14. Rainstorms when I don't need to go out
15. Creamy sweet potato/butternut squash/tomato/veggie soup on cold days…soup in general
16. Things that glow in the dark
17. Coconut water chilled in the freezer (Amy & Brian brand)
18. Chatting with my best friend - the feeling of total comfort, love & acceptance
19. The Smell and taste of hot cider on cold days
20. Hot cocoa at any time, made with stone ground cacao powder and almond milk
21. The warmth of the sun on my skin
22. The smell of Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani
23. Lucid dreams – especially flying
24. Revisiting old friends in dreams
25. The color Blue
26. Instrumental music that stirs emotion
27. Crawling into a heated bed
28. Thrilling amusement rides
29. Broadway plays
30. Swimming underwater
31. Receiving massages
32. The sight of the first blanket of undisturbed snow
33. Slow passionate kisses
34. Kisses on the forehead
35. Going outside on the first sunny and warm day of spring
36. Making personal greeting cards for people I care about
37. Walking and laying on soft grass barefoot
38. Hooded sweatshirts with furry lining (my brown hoodie)
39. Music by The Piano Guys
40.Watching people dance…talented or not
41. Watching people interact with others in general
42. Latin dancing with a partner that leads well and makes me look like I know what I'm doing
43. Everything about having an out of body experience, from the first signs I'm exiting to waking up
44.Snuggling with my piles of super soft blankets in my super cozy bed
45. Cutting open the perfect avocado
46. Cutting a pineapple that’s perfectly ripe (not under or over ripe)
47. Teeccino...especially Vanilla Nut flavor
48. The smell of coffee shops
49. The scent of subtle and intoxicating cologne
50. Listening to good standup comedy that makes me laugh out loud, like Jim Gaffigan, Mitch Hedberg, John Mulaney and Trevor Noah
51. Recalling the feeling of my first real crush
52. The feeling I get when making someone happy
53.  The smell of working on wood burning art on Basswood
54. The feeling of being appreciated
55.  Smiles from strangers
56. Spiced tea - especially when sick (ginger, clove and cinnamon)
57.  Love letters...in all their romantic cheesy glory
58. Humongous Oak trees
59. Hot salt baths
60. Eating food I've grown from seed
61.  Clear nights with bright visible stars
62. Colorful sunrises
63. Watching the sun as it disappears into the horizon
64. Complements from Strangers
65. Spending time in my garden – finding visitors like frogs, bunnies, butterflies and large birds
66. Receiving packages in the mail
67. Gaining new knowledge on a subject that interests me
68. The smell of my mum's boiled-over chai (never an intentional thing)
69. Being by large bodies of water
70. Driving around to see Christmas lights during the holiday season
71.  The Christmas season in general – lights, music, gift giving, family and joy in the air
72. Watching ballets – the incredible flexibility and grace of the dancers move me
73.  Secret hideouts (like rooms behind the book shelf or hidden under stairs)
74. Snow globes and glitter globes
75.  Crystals
76. Labradorite – the gorgeous blue flicker when the light catches it just right
77.  Weeping willow trees
78. Painting my nails with fun designs
79. Blue roses
80. Stargazer and Calla lily flowers
81.  Rainbows in the sky
82. Wind chimes
83. Warm chocolate chip zucchini banana bread
84. Silver linings
85. Magical ice flurries that glitter in the street light
86. Frosted trees in winter
87. The soundtrack to Pearl Harbor
88. Kandee Johnson's videos – A beautiful, talented, big-hearted and inspirational woman
89. Movies that touch my heart and make me cry out of emotion not devastation
90. Fall trees – changing colorful leaves
91.  Good Guided meditations
92. Listening to Teal Swan’s teachings - truly inspiring and self-empowering
93. Sound effects for pixie dust
94. Warm windy days
95. Miki dogs - dogs in general
96. Cozy boots
97. Lightning bugs
98. Street art
99. Drinking out of a wine glass (non-alcoholic stuff)
100. Animals of any kind
101. Scented candles
102. Long fuzzy socks
103. Himalayan salt lamps
104. Watching beautiful mini animations
105. Sparklers
106. Relaxing magical sounding music
107. Mimosa pudica (touch me not plant)
108. Hibiscus trees
109. Wedding dresses
110. Carebears
111.  Discovering new healthy foods
112. Playing badminton
113. Babies
114. Sticky rice
115. Spicy food
116. Observing people in airports reunite with loved ones
117. Things that Sparkle – Glitter, gems, snowflakes under street lights
118. The color Mint
119. Professor Blastoff - Tig and the team
120. Full Moons,
121. Sundogs
122. Moon dogs
123. Listening to Abraham Hicks teachings – Lifts my mood every time
124. Relaxing on a boat
125. Being in the presence of optimistic and inspirational people
126. Working out at the gym when inspired to – So satisfying
127. Synchronistic moments – Right time Right place
128. Noticing cool numbers – looking at a clock that happens to say 11:11
129. Waking up from an amazing dream that brightens my whole day
130. Surprise texts from old friends
131. The smell of Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion
132. Wearing super cozy scarves during cold weather
133. Taking a vacation to a new and exciting destination
134. Plane rides – take off is awesome
135. The feeling of fantasizing about my dream home
136. Playing board games with family and friends – win or lose, always a great time
137. Reading through old childhood diaries
138. Videos of animals showing compassion
139. Being reminded of why life is so Awesome by Reading over my list of 100+ Things I Love ^_^