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These guys both inspire me and crack me up!

My Favorite Raw Meal Menu
Breakfast- Berry smoothie with almond milk or Chia breakfast
Lunch- avocado/kale salad
Dinner- Raw marinara with zucchini pasta
Snacks- Raw kale chips, raw sprouted almonds and sunflower seeds
Cold drink- Raw cocoa (unsweetened almond milk, raw cocoa powder & agave)
Hot drink- herbal teas with lemon, cocoa with cinnamon & nutmeg (not exactly raw because it's heated, but good for you!)

Raw diets, Vegan, Vegetarian & Pescetarian

A very interesting dialogue between Daniel Vitalis and Ka Sundance about being Vegan, vegetarian and meat eating.  

On a personal note, I am not a "vegan" in all the respects, but I adapted to a vegan raw food eating lifestyle, as far as food choices go, between July 18th-September 20th. The first 2 days I had just one cooked food each day, and realized it wasn't hard going all in, so did quite well having all raw as I discover every day the abundance of delicious raw food dishes out there!  Raw food is basically food that is not heated above 105 degrees, so it's in its natural state with the most nutrients and enzymes (which are all destroyed during cooking). With the enzymes still intact they are more easily digested in the body...so more energy to spare, less indigestion, heartburn, illness etc. It consists of fresh raw veggies, ripe fruits, raw sprouted nuts and seeds, herbs, spices and hundreds of amazing dishes created with these ingredients.  Focus in on health, so non-gmo, organic, fresh and Ripe is always very important! Clean water too and exercise is also a huge part of the lifestyle, super important.

My diet choices are quite personal as I believe everyone’s lifestyle and diet should be, and I have full respect for everyone’s choice of diet.   I have done a lot of research and watched a lot of videos regarding superfoods, raw diets and vegan diets and it all wound down to wonderful information about health!  However, I have noticed through many informative (broad nutrition dialogue) videos that many vegans do have a very strong set of values intolerant to meat eaters, and you will notice that in the comments and ratings in the 2 videos, directly above and below (interviews with Daniel and Lupa). I didn't set out to eat a vegan diet, but my raw food choices have naturally taken on a vegan diet plan as well as the recipes I use are raw vegan...and delicious! This was during the period where i went 100% raw. After that when the weather turned cold here in Minnesota, I adopted cooked food again and add fish and hard boiled eggs to my diet. I began to eat a lot of soups and mixed veggie dishes, along with quinoa and sweet potatoes (a few healthy things I couldn't have raw).

I loved the experience of going 100% raw! And will definitely do it again over the summer. In the colder months I still eat as healthy as I can, but do incorporate cooked foods but no longer welcome processed foods into my diet. I choose to eat a mostly vegan diet, and will continue to do so for as long s it makes my body happy:)

My goal is to broaden my knowledge on all sides of the topic, share what I learn and hopefully  inspire others to experiment with the new lifestyle that has made me feel absolutely amazing...fitter, healthier, more flexible, calm, more active, relaxed, more lung capacity, just makes you love life more...the benefits in just 2 months have been phenomenal, I could go on and on.

An interesting tidbit- Many medical authors state that a well-planned vegan diet may offer protection against degenerative conditions such as heart disease. The American Heart Association states: "Many studies have shown that vegetarians seem to have a lower risk of obesity, coronary heart disease (which causes heart attack), high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and some forms of cancer."

Some great advice from Lupa, a lady who was a Vegan for 15 years and vegetarian for a total of 25 years- 
I don't 100% agree with her though, but find the conversation interesting. She speaks of B12 deficiency and others in a vegan raw diet, but I know there are plenty of raw sources out there available for every nutritional need (and currently in my kitchen) you just need to know what they are. So knowledge is power! Don't let others tell you something can't be done, or isn't possible, research it yourself.

It is possible to be a raw food vegan and build muscles…check this out...
Most people perceive most vegans (or raw vegans) to be pasty and too skinny, but don't be fooled by some people who identify themselves as vegan's...it's knowing what to eat with the lifestyle! There is always a not so efficient way, right way and a best way to do anything...always take that into consideration when viewing a "labeled" group (as with anything, religion, discipline etc.)  

And here is a 72 yr old vegan in great shape…Jim Morris
And a 71 yr old vegan woman also in excellent shape…Mimi Kirk

Not impressed yet? Check out this 109yr old, Bernando LaPollo…what an inspiration! He’s an organic dairy free Pescetarian...but doesn't live by a label, just a healthy lifestyle. 

Great interview with Bernando by Paul Nison...who is a great source of info!

Some great tips and advice if you choose to go raw and/or vegan for extended periods of time

Take it slow…don’t dive into extremes, your body needs to adjust to the healthier lifestyle

Saturated fat is not 100% evil…you need some!  Around the heart muscle is covered in saturated fat.   Every cell in your body is structured in saturated fat.  The golden source- Coconut oil - it’s a Medium Chain Triglyceride.  It’s the only fat that goes into the body that is not stored; it goes right to your liver to burn as energy.  It nourishes the heart, is antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitical and antimicrobial with wonderful medicinal properties to the body (it also makes a wonderful skin moisturize).  If you cook use this instead of cooking with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil (another super healthy oil), as the nutrients in that oil is depleted quicker with heat. Use the olive oil for salad dressings. 

If you go raw you need a good source of B12- if you don’t hold strong vegan values you can always include organic raw egg yolk or organic raw milk (not pasteurized from grain fed cows) into your diet if you go raw for extended periods of time.   Personally I get plenty from my brewer's yeast or nutritional yeast, parsley, seaweed, spirulina, blue green algea, and other superfood greens. As far as eggs go, cooking them is what brings out the unhealthy traits we hear about eggs. Also my daily multivitamin is very high in B12, so this isn’t much of a concern for me, as I have it covered.

When drinking juices (healthy ones from raw juicing) mix it with your saliva before swallowing, this helps break it down for digestion (this is a great tip for Anything you eat or drink!). Some people eat too fast and get indigestion…it’s because the food is struggling to digest.  When you put food in your mouth, your parotid gland (one of your 3 major salivary glands) secrete saliva when they come in contact with food that starts the digestion process; this step is not to be overlooked…you always hear "chew your food 25 times before swallowing" (this is to give the food time in your mouth to mix with saliva for the first process of digestion).

The AWESOME formula for Optimal Health (I love this acronym) 
Mental beliefs

Some more tips on raw diets and juicing include…

·        Drink your freshly made juices right away (oxidation depletes nutrients)

·        If you must store some for later try get as much air out of the container as possible, such as a vacuum sealer that removes oxygen. Also if you must store some for later keep in the fridge.

·        Be prepared…most people will feel worse before better (your body goes through a detox phase, typically for 3 months if you are used to commercial not-so-healthy foods). Switching to healthy living foods conducts the process of eliminating all the junk and toxins from your body, so you will fell that process, then feel amazing after your body has purified itself.

·        When you’ve been eating clean for a long time your body becomes more sensitive to harmful/toxic foods.  The alarm bells ring louder. Unlike when you eat harmful food that build up a tolerance (but still do harm to your body over time causing prolonged illnesses, diseases, ailments and earlier death!)  much like a smoker who can smoke 2 packs a day, when someone who hasn’t smoked before will get sick off of a few puffs.  But whether in junk food or smoking the harmful effects will catch up to you in time. What you put in your body Now will have a great effect on your health in 5 yrs, and so on. So change Now to better your future!

·        When starting a raw food diet (and for healthier living in general) always choose high quality foods that are raw (important for enzymes), ripe, fresh, organic and alive.   They should include Fruits, vegetables, nut, seeds and sprouts. Always Organic and GMO free.

·        Interesting tidbit- Sleep is another word for "healing." The blood goes through dialysis at night; the cleaner your blood, the less sleep you need (usually). So some people on a raw food diet end up needing less sleep feeling and being refreshed in the mornings on less sleep.

·        In a raw food diet, be sure to soak nuts before eating for at least 8hrs...usually 24. Be sure to rinse them before eating.  Soaking, rinsing and germinating or sprouting is a preferable method to destroy the enzyme inhibitors that raw nuts have and also increases the enzyme content from a factor of 3 to 6.  Try to rinse the nuts and seeds and change the water a few times during the soaking process.

·        Fermentation also removes the enzyme inhibitors and it has other benefits too. Fermentation neutralizes unhealthy chemicals found in grains and beans. Second, it adds a host of beneficial micro-organisms to food, making them more digestible and increasing the healthy flora in our intestinal tracts. Grains and beans all contain an acid, myoinositol-hexa, or phytic acid. Phytic acid blocks the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. A diet high in unfermented whole grains can lead to mineral deficiencies and bone loss. Fermenting grains and beans before eating them neutralizes phytic acid. It also neutralizes enzyme inhibitors and breaks down gluten, sugars, and other difficult to digest elements in grains and beans. A good example is fermenting soy...soy just isn't a food meant to be eaten any other way! But fermenting it makes it safe and nutritional for human consumption, such as tempe.

·        More of a fact than a tip- going on a raw food diet detoxifies your body, and naturally rids you of the parasites living in your body. Watch this insightful video- 
This was actually the first video I watched of Dr. Robert Cassar (through watching the RawBrahs' videos), I've watched all the rest of his videos since...and currently live by his guidelines, and love it.  Currently I enjoy a lot of his products that are so incredibly affordable and of the best quality out there. The prices for pure raw organic products are unbeatable to anywhere else I have purchased from (same products...but his higher value, at wholesale).  So I now do all my shopping through his product line, apart from fresh produce. 

Dr. Robert Cassar Terrain Modification

This is the store I have found that sells all organic raw products and superfoods... http://earthshiftproducts.com ...my go-to store now! Looking back on all my recent purchases and comparing every price I have paid elsewhere, they are All cheaper on this site (and when I bought them I sought out the healthiest best priced items I could find). So this site is truly a blessing for me, superior quality and lowest price (can't beat that) and offers free shipping too on orders over $150 with a wholesale membership or over $300 with a retail account. The wholesale membership works great for me because I prefer to buy in bulk to last a very long time so I can easily spend $150 on each order, even with their discounts, then not shop as often. The prices are wholesale. And if you're interested in trying their products you can get a $33 1yr membership free when using this PROMO #-   e100

 Raw Food Weight Loss
 "You've heard about middle age spread. It feels like everything we eat ends up around our midsection. I have news for you. Not every kind of food is headed to your waist and hips. Only cooked food does—and not just the obvious things, like burgers and fries, but any kind of cooked food. People who need to lose weight do exceptionally well on the raw foods. The raw foods are generally lower in calories than cooked foods. Given time, the raw food actually effects your inside organs: not only restores their optimal performance, but at the same time bring them back to normal shape and size. And these changes will be reflected in your appearance right away..."

How to start a raw food diet (how to transition to raw)
Watching this video I realize that my daily plan is exactly what he describes. I would have no problem transitioning to 100% raw.

A wonderful Raw Marinara pasta dish

A great interview with a Raw Food Coach

There are far more healthy and complete vegetarian protein sources available to vegans than many people think.

There is an endless amount of vegetarian protein sources, yet "Where do you get your protein from?" is perhaps the most common question vegans and raw vegans get asked. First of all let's look at how much protein carcass eaters actually get. Ground beef is around 24% protein, chicken breast is roughly 35% protein and pork is somewhere around 27% (depends on the cut and diet of the animal). The rest of the percentages in these foods is by and large saturated fat, which has been well established to be hazardous to your health when it comes from animal sources.
At the bottom of the food chain, all animals eat vegetarian protein sources to build their flesh. How does a Gorilla, which pound for pound is 10x stronger than a full grown man, become like this just by eating fruit, roots and green sprouts? Vegetarian protein sources provide it with all the materials it needs to do this.

Furthermore the high temperatures of cooking (or pasteurization) needed to kill off the harmful pathogens in the decomposing flesh, coagulates and destroys much of the proteins in animal products. If that's not enough, the longer an animal carcass is sitting around whether frozen or not, the more amino acids break down. So for example, chicken which when raw is around 35% protein, is actually only about 18% usable protein (if you're lucky) after it's done traveling to your home and has been cooked. Also if it's not organic, chemicals can denature the amino acids in it as well.

On the plant based diet side of the equation dulse (an edible seaweed) is around 40% vegan protein, chia seeds are 21% protein and spirulina can be up to 70% protein! It is actually quite accurate to say people who eat a diet of predominantly processed foods (cooking is processing) can actually develop deficiencies in some of the essential amino acids despite meat being touted as a "complete" protein. People eating centenarian foods don't develop these deficiencies.

Here is a list of just a few very high quality vegetarian complete protein sources. Many of these would be considered centenarian foods:

~Edible Seaweeds
~Wheatgrass Juice: As well as other grass juices
~Most Leafy Green Vegetables: That includes lettuce, kale, spinach etc... Surprisingly 1lb of romaine lettuce has 2.1x more complete protein than 1lb of beef.
~Green Sprouts: Ex. sunflower sprouts are 35% protein.
~Algae: Chlorella, Spirulina and E3live are all protein powerhouses. They range from 50%-70% complete protein!
~Marine Phytoplankton
~Acai Berries
~Goji Berries
~White Turkish Mulberries
~Golden Inca Berries: Other various types of berries with complete protein exist too.

~Chia Seeds
~Hemp Hearts: A.k.a. shelled hemp seeds
~Buckwheat Sprouts
~Quinoa Sprouts
~Amaranth Sprouts
~Tocotrienols: These are rice bran polishings.
~Ramon Nuts: An environmentally sustainable food from the Amazon.

~Fermented soy products: Tempeh or natto are fermented and much safer than tofu, soy milk and soy protein.

~Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis
~Maca: Herb that is missing 1 essential amino acid but contains all 19 other amino acids.
~Some Types Of Mushrooms: Ex. Shiitake has complete protein.
~Pine Tree Pollen

There is a lot of selection in that list of superfoods. The thing is, it doesn't even cover the incomplete sources of amino acids. Incomplete just means that the food is deficient in one or more of the 8 essential amino acids. Again, all plant foods do contain some amino acids even if they are incomplete. By eating a variety of foods, even the incomplete ones, you are always getting a full spectrum of amino acids and there's no need to keep track of what you're eating. There is absolutely zero risk of getting too little protein on a vegan raw living food diet because of this! The only exception is if you are only eating one food all the time that does not have all 8 essential amino acids such as bananas. Some of these fruits are very low in amino acids, but they still do contain some.

An inspiring story- Raw Food Weight loss over 214 lbs (Life Transformation)

Raw Food Restaurant in Santa Monica, CA.

Fresh, unprocessed, live, raw food benefits every creature on the planet, so why are humans so confused about what to eat?

raw food diet review, raw food benefits, eating raw food, live raw food, living food diet Eating raw food benefits health and human longevity in so many different ways. I find that most raw food diet reviews and articles I have read are a bit repetitive. This is alright, but in this article Zak touches on many of the facts that are usually skipped over by other authors. After this you'll be convinced of the power that live raw food plays in your diet for longevity. The following nutrients are some things not available in cooked food, but you can get them by eating raw foods: 

~Hormones: Various live superfoods and herbal adaptogens contain natural hormones and hormone precursors that are very beneficial (such as maca, mucuna pruriens, cacao beans, various sprouts, bee pollen and royal jelly). The addition of plant based hormones and natural steroidal compounds in a living food diet for longevity becomes more crucial as you gain years.. These raw food benefits help maintain the proper levels of hormonal health commonly associated only with young people.

~Oxygen: We get oxygen from our food and water as well as through breathing pure clean air. Cancer and many other diseases simply cannot exist in an adequately oxygenated body (which is why hyperbaric oxygen chambers are such powerful life saving tools in Hospitals). This is why it is crucial to get the raw food benefits of extra oxygen, the worlds most deficient nutrient and basic fuel! Most people are starved of oxygen through: 1. not doing proper diaphragmatic breathing, 2. eating cooked food which uses up more oxygen to metabolize, 3. eating animal products which uses up more oxygen to metabolize, 4. not engaging in the benefits of physical exercise on a regular basis, 5. living in houses which are full of stagnant oxygen depleted air, 6. living in cities which are full of stagnant oxygen depleted air.

~Phytochemicals: Perhaps the greatest recent discovery in nutrition has been the role that phytochemicals play in health and longevity in humans. It is more clear than ever that eating raw food benefits your endocrine (hormonal) system because of these powerful chemicals which include all natural antioxidants, polysaccharides, nucleic acids, alkaloids, etc.

~Enzymes: The pioneering research of Dr. Edward Howell demonstrated how critical the role of enzymes play in digestion as well as every other bodily function. He discovered that humans are born with enough enzyme stores to theoretically live about 200 years! The downside to this is that cooked food (which always has all of the enzymes within it destroyed when heated above 115°F) uses up your body's metabolic enzymes (the type that are required for basic biological functions of life) to convert into digestive enzymes. Eating enzyme rich raw food benefits these limited stores since on average, a live raw food contains half of the enzymes needed to break itself down during digestion. 

~Paramagnetism: Live raw food benefits your body's electrical field simply because it still has it's own paramagnetic field. Kirlian photography is one way that this has been demonstrated (thanks to Christian Joubert for the kirlian photograph of cabbage from his site www.esseniaecovillage.com). Live foods add a paramagnetic charge to your body, thus increasing the radiance of your vital life force. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Fritz Popp discovered that humans retain, absorb and emit photons (light energy). 97% of human DNA has also been shown to give off photons. You absorb the photons from food to fuel your bio-electric field. Cooked food literally requires your body to fill the dead matter with photons so that it can be assimilated, thus weakening your body.

~Water: Cooking begins to dehydrate food. Some forms, such as grilling, baking and frying do it more than boiling or steaming, but in the end, all cooked food has less water in it then it started out with. A living food diet retains the natural moisture of food that is requires for digestion. The body shouldn't have to contribute excessive amounts of water to the digestive process. Add on top of this the severe chronic dehydration that most people suffer from and you have accelerated aging. If you want to look juicy and fresh for as long as possible, you have to eat juicy and fresh as much as possible!

Other resources for the raw food lifestyle 

The Raw Food- http://rawfoods.com A go-to site to learn about a raw food lifestyle
Matt Amsten- http://rawvolution.com (you can order a week's worth of prepared raw vegan food from his site! I have his book, the recipes are amazing...gourmet dishes)

Ani Phyo- http://www.youtube.com/user/aniphyo 
Paul Nison's website- http://paulnison.com/  
ArnoldsWay's youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/ArnoldsWay